Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Blog

jon and kate gosselin happier times
I came across a new blog concerning Jon and Kate Plus 8 that I also currently follow.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 is a reality tv show that is currently shown on TLC. The show
follows Jon and Kate Gosselin as they raise their 8 children. Six of the children are
quintuplets. The Gosselins live in Wernersville, Pennsylvania and have recently made
headlines after announcing they will be divorcing in the near future.

Kate Gosselin will be cohosting The View on ABC in the upcoming weeks. Jon Gosselin has also made headlines recently with his upcoming interview that will be shown on Good Morning America on September 8th.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Using osCommerce for an online store

Today, more and more people are setting up websites in order to sell their products. Any person or company has a number of options for selling their products online. Ebay and also Yahoo offer storefronts for people to sell online.

A more affordable option though is to setup your own website and sell products. This way you can avoid a higher monthly fee and also listing fees. Such carts as Zend Cart, Angora, and Oscommerce for an online store. You would need to know a little about programming, FTP, and server configuration.

But all this can shown to you through an
online tutorial for oscommerce. You will also find that oscommerce has a number of contributions and mods available for an oscommerce store.

osCommerce also has great support through their forums.